We wanted to invite our patrons on a journey, much like that of the Antler, with the serene settings of the wilderness through it’s greenery and oak visions giving the look and feel of comfort and style.

From Brekkie, Lunch and Dinner, to all-day Desserts, Wilderness Shakes and Specialty Lattes, do we need to say more?

This concept of bringing everything into one place, guided us to create a café/restaurant hybrid. Whether it be breakfast after a morning stroll on beautiful Browns Bay beach, catching up with the ladies for the weekly brunch date, celebrating with your significant other over some lunch or even a much needed dinner with the family. We at Black Antler Eatery are eager to offer the full experience for any occasion, be it young or old.

We aspire to cater to all kinds of people from the early birds to the night owls. Anyone who really loves to be wowed by food that looks too good to eat, but is devoured once the all important photo has been taken and posted, because if you didn’t post it did it even happen?

Our main goal, to create an atmosphere where you can come and be excited by what’s around you, spending time and creating memories with friends and family. Share a meal, dessert or shake but also share your experience and tell others to come and check us out.

At the Black Antler Eatery our objective is to offer you with premium products. By providing you with Zephyr Coffee we are bringing the best to coffee lovers no matter what time of the day, as the taste and precision is what is important. We will also be providing Estrella, the authentic lager from Barcelona brewed to the same recipe since 1876, for the beer lovers to enjoy. Our signature dish The Black Antler is everything we are about using all your senses on this one; this dish speaks for itself.

Our vision for Black Antler Eatery was created, as we value time spent with loved ones to be the most important thing, that’s exactly what the Antler does when it spends its entire life surrounded by its loved ones in an environment where it’s most comfortable.

Our Partner



At our core we’re a coffee business founded on the sincerest passion for the craft.


From the skills needed to grow and nurture a crop, to the intuition developed to get the best out of each roast and the passion driving the precision in every cup brewed. We believe the journey to honing our craft is never finished.


Collaboration is at our heart and goes beyond our immediate team to include the wider coffee & hospitality community from whom we seek to learn and grow together. We’re grateful to all those who’ve supported us so far, and look forward to working with many others. It’s the journey we love and we pursue it with passion.